Before You Buy

When buying a new unit, often the first thought is “how much?” The answer to this question, however, is complex. Purchasing a new system is much more than just buying an appliance at a big box store. Ductwork conditions, humidity levels, proper equipment sizing, and indoor air quality are all issues that must equally be weighed when making a decision on a new unit.

Residential replacement jobs can range from $3000 to over $10,0000. With our financing options, we can arrange for the entire system to be financed with no down payment. Call us today to discuss available financing options.

Truthfully, despite the brand of equipment or model, your new system is only as reliable as the care in which it was installed. That’s why we at C. L. Carter uphold the highest standard of workmanship and installation of HVAC in the Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina areas. To ensure that your new system is installed and started up properly, call us today.